Diet Essentials Features

Diet Essentialsala Carte Menus’ companion system includes resident card and weight management features. Diet Essentials supports your nutrition department by connecting your menus to individual resident information and preferences, noting any food allergies, intolerances, or diet restrictions. The resident card component works with any care type and generates cards and reporting with as much or as little information as needed. The weight management feature has easy-to-use input, tracking of weight trends, and versatile reporting for the community and your dietitian.

Resident Card feature includes:

  • Tray tickets and select menus in various print formats with/without the meal
  • Portions may print for each meal item
  • Diet cards in different print formats
  • Resident summary report generated as Dietary Interview/Pre-Screen documentation
  • Manages high-risk residents if needed
  • EMR interfaces with Diet Essentials
  • Comprehensive reporting for CDM/RD and Nursing

Weight Management feature includes:

  • Track weekly weights and their variances
  • Track 1, 3, and 6 month weights
  • Monitor significant and insidious (trending) weight changes
  • Calculate BMI
  • View and graph a person’s weight history

“Our work with the Crandall Team has been enjoyable, educational, and a very positive experience. They are extremely quick to respond to any questions or issues that I, or any of our Grace home team members, may have. They almost always have more than one solution, and give you the feeling that they are also learning and adapting based on the input from the customer.”

Anthony Henderson | Director of Purchasing | Grace Healthcare

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