ala Carte Menus Features

Supports multiple dining styles and venues

As the resident landscape changes so do dining preferences when it comes to style and cuisine. ala Carte Menus is the senior living industry’s premier menu system that gives you the ability to create your own menus. Whether your community offers a traditional dining setting, fast casual, bistro grab and go, or a cluster of microrestaurants, the versatility of ala Carte Menus supports multiple dining venues of varying styles and settings.
ala Carte Menus is an essential tool to help you keep pace with emerging dining trends.

Complimentary training and support

One of the most valuable features offered by ala Carte Menus is the ongoing training and support you’ll receive. We are committed to making sure you and your team know how to easily personalize ala Carte Menus according to your community, its residents and its dining styles. Whether via telephone, e-mail, or online, we are always ready to assist you in using ala Carte Menus to its full potential. And when you have a new employee come onboard, we are happy to train them as well. There are never any additional costs, upcharges or add-ons. Your success is our success.

Experience unparalleled flexibility and personalization

ala Carte Menus is designed to adapt to your community or corporation regardless of size, dining style or budget. Easily adjust and personalize our menus to your unique preferences and resident needs. ala Carte Menus takes all the guesswork out, assuring balanced nutrition and an exact fit now and over time.

Meets nutritional
guidelines in all 50 states

ala Carte Menus uses established nutritional guidelines to develop resident-pleasing menus that include, religious, cultural and ethnic choices.

ala Carte Menus automated nutrient analysis reviews each menu against the current recommended Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs) for residents 51 and older, the Healthy Eating Pattern and the DASH Eating Plan.

Our coast-to-coast staff of licensed Registered Dietitians reviews each menu for nutritional adequacy
and provides their signature of approval.

Featuring Approve My Menu

Approve My Menu is ala Carte Menus unique, built-in RD review capability. With any change, the ala Carte Menus program instantly calculates across the spectrum for nutritional adequacy, ePRD reporting and purchasing. The RD signature stamp-of-approval assures personalized changes meet healthy eating patterns and nutritional parameters.

Affordable, cost-effective and simple to implement

For one low monthly rate you get everything ala Carte Menus has to offer including high quality menus, thousands of recipes, and all the support you will ever need. Plus, when you use ala Carte Menus, you can easily track spending, allowing you to better stay in budget. Finally, unlike other menu programs, ala Carte Menus set up is quick and hassle free. It comes preloaded with everything you need to make the switch right away – even allowing for customization and personalization in a few simple steps.

Resident-pleasing recipes from culinary trends to comfort foods

With ala Carte Menus the Season’s Best is always on the menu. Utilize our extensive database of recipes to drive your culinary innovation and seasonal offerings. With this flexibility, you are sure to increase resident satisfaction. Using our menu system, you can be on the very cusp of culinary trends or you can delight residents with comfort foods that they remember from years ago.

“Crandall’s integrated system of Policy and Procedures, In-service Training, Dietary Audit, and Menus provides valuable resources that I depend on daily. This integrated system combined with tremendous customer service is as professional as it gets.
I am confident this is the best system in the industry.”

Randolph Valdez | Regional Director of Dining Services | Sunrise Senior Living

Sunrise Senior Living